Welcome to Ecoloupe

We are happy to announce the launch of Ecoloupe as we bring traceable agricultural products to your table.

Welcome to Ecoloupe
by Simon Grunberger

Dear friends,

We are happy to announce the launch of Ecoloupe!

Ecoloupe is a new label that provides you transparency and traceability about the products you eat. Everything that we bring to you has been tested and is guaranteed to use no pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. In other words, the food you eat is natural and additive free.

Our connection to one another is more intertwined than ever before, but the information that permeates our everyday lives has become harder and harder to trust.  This trust has become a rare commodity.  In the midst of today’s chaos, Ecoloupe wants to be a voice of simplicity and honesty.

We strive to connect people and communities in a deeper and more meaningful way. On one hand we want the farmer to be able to make a decent living off the products they grow. While on the other hand we want you to enjoy organic food at a fair price. We will introduce you to different varieties of vegetables and foods, over time, along with fun recipes you can make at home. We will organize events where you can meet and work with our different farmers. There’s nothing like a day trip to the farm!  We are fully committed to YOU and the cause we have set out for ourselves to do.

From the people we work with, to our products and packaging that are plastic free, we are 100% devoted to our mission and committed to be there to serve YOU everyday!



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