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Unfortunately, today the agricultural world has been pushed to believe that efficient farming has to go through the use of toxic pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. Not only do those pesticides destroy the different organisms that are responsible for enriching the soil but they end up contaminating the very food we are eating. Modern industrialized farming is making you and your children sick. It is time to break that cycle and get you the food you deserve.

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Ecoloupe is a new label who brings you total transparency and traceability on everything you eat. We certify that all the food we bring to you is natural and organic.

We meet every person we work with and make sure they comply to our strict rules and regulations guaranteeing the use of no pesticide, no synthetic fertilizer and no radioactivity.

We understand that the mission we have set ourselves to do is of such primordial importance that there needs to be zero tolerance, as simple as that!

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We work on two levels

We offer a vertical integration by delivering fresh food from the farmer to your table. You get the freshest products every time and you get to know the farmer that produces it for you

We give out our label to producers, restaurants, schools and businesses who want to guarantee their customers that the products they offer are completely natural and chemical free

Ecoloupe’s 7 pillars

Transparency & Traceability

Ecoloupe brings you full traceability. You know who farmed what you eat, you know in what condition the fruits and vegetables are grown and how the animals are treated and what they are being fed. No stone is left unturned. We follow the process every step of the way.

You deserve to know because your well-being is our top priority.

completely natural and chemical free farming

No tolerance for chemicals

Our label vouches for all the people we work with and the food they produce. The products we offer are safe and healthy. The food we offer is natural and has no chemical additives. We don’t allow pesticides and synthetic fertilizers . We make sure products are not genetically modified and that there are no radioactive contamination.

Whether it comes straight from the earth or undergoes some kind of process, we make sure things are safe from beginning till end.


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Fair Trade

Ecoloupe guarantees fair trade. By pushing for a vertical integration, we strive to eliminate unnecessary middlemen ensuring the necessary profits farmers should get. Today’s food chain supply squeezes the farmer and leaves him very little to live by. We want to change that unfair unbalance.

As the consumer you will benefit as well by getting clean and fresh vegetables at reasonable prices. Eating healthy should be affordable to all!

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We believe in working with people who preserve ecosystems by not allowing the usage of chemicals and by following nature’s cycles. Sustainability is finding nature’s balance by treating it respectfully, allowing the land to grow things for many generations to come.

Allowing farmers to operate in a way they can sustain themselves is empowering the very guardians of our lands in protecting our most valuable asset.

preserve ecosystemschemical free farming

Reliability & Integrity

Ecoloupe guarantees fresh and clean food delivered straight from the farmers within 24 hours. We are committed to the famer and to you, our customers.

Our integrity is what we stand by and this is our promise to you.

It is not an internet connection we need, but a human connection that is in symbiosis with its environment. We are here to serve that higher purpose.


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Building Communities

Our social mission is to reinforce communities by empowering farmers’ communities and consumers’ groups. By creating an open channel of information and communication, we want to strengthenthe bonds between all parties involved.

As urbanites, often obsessed with our screens and engulfed in our fast-paced life, we have lost the connection with our environment. In other words, we have lost connection with our natural environment.

Understanding the things we eat, how they grow and where they come from, helps us connect the dots that separate the source from the outcome.

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Commitment & Dedication

Our label is fully dedicated to serve you and the "ideal" of a new world we all could all be living in. Everything is connected and if the quality of our food is compromised at the source, everything else fails; including our health and our well-being.

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