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Old fashioned miso made from green soybeans, homemade malt, and traditional sea salt from ...


Acacia honey is produced by bees who pollinate the flowers of the black locust tree, nativ...


Definitely a great and rare find. Smooth and round in the mouth, this pinot noir is an ins...


All purpose flour, perfect for everyday use in cooking, and cake baking. 100% naturally g...


Ecoloupe's delicious home made apple compote. Finely chopped cubes of organic apples with...

50g / 1 pack

Known under a lot of different names such as garden rocket, rocket salad, roka, roquette, ...

1 piece (about 1 kg)

In season right now!


Organic sugar, balsamic vinegar, lemon and some delicious organic grown blueberries. Enjoy...