Grass-fed Organic Yogurt (plain)




Grass-fed, organic yogurt no sugar added from Hokkaido. It is made from the milk of grass-fed dairy cow, and it's certificated by Organic JAS. Organic certification doesn't admit any use of chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and other petroleum-based additives and GMO feed resource regarding milk, but it is very hard to find non GMO feed resource in Japan. Thus, most of milk is polluted by GMO's without any notice. This goes far beyond the industry standard for "Non-GMO" labeled feeds in regards to its milk testing, vendor qualifications.


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Health Benefits

Because grass feeding of cows can increase the healthfulness of fats in their body, milk from those cows can be a source of high-quality fats for making yogurt. Lactic acid bacteria used to ferment milk into yogurt have now been shown to take some of its fatty acids and convert them into conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). A fairly conservative estimate of the CLA in grass-fed yogurt would be about 8 milligrams per liquid ounce. CLA intake to decreased risk of many health problems, including heart attack, blood sugar imbalance, excessive inflammation, and loss of bone mass. One of the reasons we generally recommend grass-fed yogurts from whole milk is that nonfat and skim-milk yogurts—while still healthy in many ways—cannot naturally provide this same level of CLA or other high-quality fats like the omega-3s found in most whole milk yogurts.