Botanical Name

Green Tea Gyokuro

Package: 30g



This Gyokuro from Shibushi in Kagoshima prefecture is made from Yabukita cultivar, which is the most popular in Japan. This cultivar leaves have a strong aroma and a good flavor. GYOKURO (meaning Jade Dew) is a tea produced in a shaded plantation. The shading technique in Kagoshima is obtained using sheets directly covering the tea trees, for about 20 days or more. Shading the trees results in a tea with more sweetness and umami. This organic Gyokuro is marvelous and does not suffer from lack of intensity. It is lightly sweet and has a lingering umami flavour, while being very pure and clean. Preparation: 4g of leaves in 80ml of water at 60 deg C, steep for 90 seconds. Subsequent brews: 10 sec with water at 70 deg C .