Botanical Name

Green Tea Sencha Mandokoro

Package: 30g



This Sencha Green Tea is made from Zairai cultivar, grown in Japan, Shiga Prefecture, Mandokoro town. Tea has been produced in this village for about 500 years. Very small production. The tea trees are old and look like wild bushes. Plucking is done by hand once a year at spring. No chemical fertilizers, no pesticides are used. The trees are naturally strong and resistant to cold weathers.  Taste characteristics: Light, natural, old style, traditional. Very soft astringency, a bit nutty, pleasant aroma. This is believed to taste like tea was tasting a few centuries ago Preparation: 4g of tea leaves in 80ml of water at 70 deg C. Brew for 60 sec. Subsequent brews: 15sec.