Our health and the health of our loved ones, is by far the greatest concern in our daily lives.

When I feed my children, I want to know that I am giving them the best food nature can bring. Don't you want to know what you are eating right now? Unfortunately, the use of toxic pesticides and synthetic fertilizers is ruining our environment as well as our health and jeopardizing the future of our planet.

Ecoloupe is a new label that brings vertical integration by delivering fresh food from the farmer’s land to your table. Traceability and transparency is Ecoloupe’s commitment to you. We bring you no false claim, just facts. You only get the truth.

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Farmer Selection

We select carefully the farmers we work with, ensuring that no stone is left unturned.

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Product Testing

Through an independent laboratory, we test the products, the soil and the water each farmer uses.

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Quality & Requirements

Ecoloupe only selects the producers that meet all of our quality requirements.

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Transparent Results

For each farmer, we provide you the lab results guaranteeing the food you get is “clean.”

Social mission

Ecoloupe additionally has also an informative and social mission. You can follow articles posted on our blog to learn more about environment and agricultural issues. With the world moving as fast it does, we need to stay informed to be able to know what options we have, so we can make the right choices.

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What if you could guarantee you customers that all the food you serve is organic as well as offering them full traceability of what is in their plate? How about if you are a shop offering food that people can trace knowing it's safe. People, more than ever, want to be informed.
They have the right to be informed. When it comes to food, they want to know that what they eat is safe.

Ecoloupe is an independent label that brings you and your customers a full guarantee on how products are grown and where they come from.

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Our label makes sure nothing is GMO

chemical free nuts and spices

Guaranteeing the food is chemical free

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And always is non-radioactive

Ecoloupe acts as a partner on two levels

Ecoloupe is a reliable partner that does not compromise the quality of the food.

Checking your suppliers at the source, making sure their practices are safe

Becoming your supplier by giving you easy and affordable access to clean and organic food


We are independent and don’t rely on external funds, which means that no outside influences pressure us to act in a way that is not beneficial for you, our customers.

Once you apply, we will make sure that all aspects of your business supply chain answers to our requirements. Once your application has been approved you will be free to use our logo on your products and/or on your store front.
Customers entering your establishment will know that the food you offer them is traceable and reliable!

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Today the agricultural world has been pushed to believe that efficient farming has to go through the use of toxic pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. Not only do those pesticides destroy the different organisms that are responsible for enriching the soil but they end up contaminating the very food we are eating.It is time to break that cycle!

Ecoloupe is an independent label that guarantees no use of chemicals in the food that is produced. If you believe in chemical free agriculture and if your farming activity is sustainable and respectful of nature, we would be very interested in meeting with you! If you are farming vegetables, fruits, fish, cows… We would be delighted to collaborate with you!

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True organic farmer

Once you apply, we will come to you and sample your products, as well as your soil and the water you use. Once you pass the requirements of our own customized laboratory tests, you can join our chemical free community.

Passing our strict requirements will allow you to use our label to sell your products and to guarantee your customers the quality of your products.

Our label will help you sell your products and build your reputation as a true organic farmer!

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