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In Hirotaka Farm in Haebaru Town, there are various types of bananas that have grown up in the sunlight where the refreshing scent of bananas drifts in the air. The owner, Hironao Inafuku, is a 22-year-old young farmer. He started growing bananas when he was in his third year of high school. He started cultivating abandoned farmland and opened his farm with his own hands. The fact that he gave the garden his own name is a sign of his determination to never go back. Many kinds of bananas such as island bananas, Namwa bananas, three-shaku bananas, and Taiwan bananas are cultivated on the farm, and in order to preserve the rich nature of Okinawa, weeds and bananas are not used at all. They grow leaves and stems as fertilizer. Please enjoy the finest bananas grown with an emphasis on the natural ecosystem and aiming for recycling-oriented agriculture.

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