Narita, Chiba JAPAN



4th generation of farmer (since 2002).

Business Since

Natural farming

Agricultire Type

Agricultural school and seminars

Extra Services

Seasonal vegetables, cage free eggs and chicken


Our farmhouse runs organic farming for two generations. We used to be traditional farmers, but our mother got sick because of the pesticides used in our greenhouses. We reconsidered and concluded that pesticides were not good for the health and switched to organic farming. The second generation decided to grow vegetables without the use of organic fertilizers. By adding good bacteria such as fermented lactic acid bacteria and yeast to the soil, we can grow even more delicious and durable crops. We think it is strange that farmers would grow plants using chemicals that would kill the insects and animals around them. That is why we stopped using pesticides and made our own natural fertilizer such as compost, rice husk, green manure, and organic fertilizer. Every year we cultivate different crops in the same field by alternating them. Our soil is rich in carbon materials (green manure such as wood chips, rice husks, wheat, etc.) and microbial materials (yeast or bacillus, etc.) . We want to create a symbiotic relationship between the plants and the microorganisms. Organic farmers don't always control the right amount of fertilizers used in the soil. By using too much fertilizers, they want to produce bigger sized vegetables and have a higher yield. However it makes the vegetables and insects sick. We want to promote a sustainable agriculture, by improving the taste of our vegetables and keeping a decent yield without any harm to the environment.

Lab Results

Radioactivity level is not higher than 1.0 Bq/kg. No Glyphosate. No pesticides.

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