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I started lemon farming in Ikuchijima, Hiroshima at the age of 70 after I retired from a local ship building company at 68. People used to say lemon farming makes little business sense because it needs a large amount of fertilizer and lemon trees need to be planted on a steep slope to get enough sunshine, which makes the farmer's work much harder. I have been taking care of my farm without using chemical fertilizer and pesticides. We also never use preservatives and wax when we ship our lemons. Other farmers called me "stranger" or "reckless" when I started, but the trees started to bear large lemons after around three years. Today, I grow about 50 lemon trees and produce safe lemons, which you can eat with its peel.

Lab Results

Radioactivity level is not higher than 1.0 Bq/kg. No Glyphosate. No pesticides.

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