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Tainai, Niigata, Japan

Tadashi SATO



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Natural farming. Organic JAS certified.

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AirB&B and Cafe

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Rice, Vegetables


My name is Tadashi Sato and I am the 10th generations of farmers. It took me 29 years to find the best way to make high quality organic brown rice. I am happy to share my delicious product with all my customers. I hope everyone can enjoy it! I am the eldest son of a farming family from Niigata. At 2 years old I became disabled due to polio, but it didn't stop me from being a farmer. I am growing rice, vegetables and grains, but without any agricultural chemicals. It is pure natural farming and it is my passion, because I love nature, especially the rich soil of my farm. When I was a child, I played in the river, fishing and rolling around in the rice paddies. When I was in elementary school, an accident occurred to the carps my great grandfather kept. Many of the carps' eyes popped out and their backs were horribly bent. It was a sad memory. We found out it had been caused by the wastewater from nearby factories. In my thirties, I could start smelling an unnatural muddy odor from the rice fields around my house. Once again, I was confronted to the many damages chemicals were causing to nature. Every year I try to improve my soil and my crops. One day, I saw the story of Mr. Kimura and his Miracle Apple. He is known as a great farmer who grows the most wonderful all natural apples. It inspired me. It convinced me that natural farming methods was the only way to go. It is challenging but I love with a passion the work I do.


Radioactivity level is not higher than 1.0 Bq/kg. No pesticides.

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